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About Us

Recruit24x7- Fastest growing and most innovative India's online job portal,works for You!! Recruit24x7 born with the intention to reach out all Citizens in our country and to provide them the best career opportunities available. No need to have endless travelling to remote colleges and locations to conduct tests. It can easily assess candidates using our SME, verified highly voted pre-built psychometric, aptitude, & skills tests which can administrate your own custom tests.

Recruit 24x7 Recruit :

Recruit24x7 is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which has been designed to manage the entire recruitment cycle of job creation for candidate finalization with minimum human intervention. Product works for direct employees, staffing companies and permanent placement agencies.

Applicant Tracking System

Automatic creation of resume database helps to view jobs from job portals on social networking website. It can import resumes with emails and also can import in your systems on a single click. It can perform search of your own centralized database. The ability to perform simple keyword search as well as boolean search on fields can be entered in an entire resume.

Integrated with all Resume Sources

Importing resumes from third party job portals, social networking website, emails, suppliers, internal employee referrals and resumes can be done on your system. There will be almost zero data entry.

Create your Private Resume Database

Build your database of resumes from all resources. Save your data and reduce portal cost by reusing your own database.